Keynote Lectures and Plenary Addresses (since 2007)

“Doing Things with Being Undone,” Fifth Biennial Conference of the International Association for
Visual Culture Conference, “Visual Pedagogies,” London College of Communication, University
of the Arts, London, September 2018.

“Life at the Limit,” Conference on “The Limits of Latin American Cultural Studies,” Sponsored by The Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies , Oxford University, January 2016.

“Art History on the Hyphen,” Conference on “Between, Among, and Across: Transhistories of the Visual,” Elon University, North Carolina, February 2015. 

“Virulent Still Life: Landscape and the Photographic Archive as Technologies of Empire,” Research Symposium on “Approaching Absenteeism” organized by the research group “Landings,” Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, July 2013.

“Vowels that Growl,” Symposium on “Methodologies in Motion,” Roehampton University, London, March 2013.

“Deathcare,” Symposium on “The Art of Death and Dying,” University of Houston, October 2012.

“Landscape and Radical Domestication,” ANTI Festival, Finland, September 2012.

“The Imperative Mood,” Conference on “Now! Visual Culture,” International Association for Visual Culture, NYU, May 2012.

“Pyrographies: Photography, Desire, Loss,” Conference on “Researching the Arts,” School of the Arts, Brunel University, London, June 2011.

“Tactics for Chimeras,” Symposium on “Architecture at the Edge of Everything Else,” Toronto, February 2011. 

“Monstrous Transformation after Ovid,” Conference on “Ovidianism,” University of Richmond, March 2010.

“Practices of Change at the Edges of the Human: Transplantation and Cross-Species Encounter in the Eighteenth Century,” Conference on “Before Environmentalism,” The Early Modern Center, UC-Santa Barbara, March 2009.

“Immodest Witnessing: Ethics and the Environment,” Cultural Studies Association, April 2007.

Invited Lectures, National and International (since 2007)

“The Task of the Amplifier,” “arms ache avid aeon: a symposium,” in collaboration with the queer feminist art collective fierce pussy, Beeler Gallery, Columbus College of Art and Design, March 2019.


“Thinking with Carbon in the Necrocene: Art and Living our Dying,” Forest University organized in conjunction with The Museum of the Great Outdoors (Amber Ginsburg, Sara Black, and Charlie Vinz), Thailand Biennial, Krabi, Thailand, January 2019.


“Landscape Vertigo,” Conference on “Moving Landscapes: Gardens and Gardening in the Transatlantic World, 1670-1830,” Huntington Library, San Marino, California, December 2018.


“Necrolandscaping on the Border,” Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, November 2018.“Queer Deformativity,” Lecture Series on “Intensify Desire,” Kunsthistorisches Institut der Freie Universität Berlin, May 2018.


“Thanatography in the Necrocene,” Capitalism and the Camera Workshop, University of Toronto, May 2018.


“Botanical Witness,” Conference on “Ireland, the British Empire, and the Caribbean: Comparative Perspectives,” University College Dublin, December 2017.


“Necro-landscaping,” Symposium on “Environmental Aesthetics after Landscape,” University of Zurich, June 2017.


“Enlightenment Terror and its Terrain,” Conference on “Global Enlightenment,” Princeton University, April 2017.


“Necro-Tactics at the Limits of Refuge,” Conference on “Europe without Borders,” European Cultural Studies Program, Princeton University, May 2016.


“Transversal Methods in Everyday Death-Worlds,” Townsend Center for the Humanities, University of California, Berkeley, April 2016.


“Satyrosity,” Symposium on “Aesthetic Enlightenments,” Huntington Library, San Marino, California, January 2014.

“Queer Projection,” School of Architecture, Princeton University, May 2013.

“Theses on the ‘Future of an Illusion,’” Department of Art History, Grinnell College, Iowa, April 2013.

“Chimerical Ground, Monstrous Time,” Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, September



“Powers of Imaging: Visual Studies and Global History,” Symposium on “Material Geographies: Bodies in Transit & Places in Imagination,” North Carolina State University, April 2010.


“Cruising,” Humanities Center Series on Environmental Crisis, UC-Santa Barbara, February, 2010.


“Woulds that Matter: Conditionals of the Possible in Cultural Contact and Transformation,” Transitions Seminar Series, NYU, January 2010.


“Transplantation and Chimeras: Practices of Change at the Edges of the Human,” Université Paris-Diderot, March 2009.


“Transplantation and Chimeras: Early Modern Practices of Change at the Edges of the Human,” Department of Communications and Art History, McGill University, January 2009. 

“Identity, Territory, and Social Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Syracuse University, February 2008.

“Race, Slavery, and the Origins of Photography,” Conference on “Out of Sight: New World Slavery and the Visual Imagination,” The Center for the Humanities, Northwestern University, March 2007.


Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops Organized

“In the Wake of the Global Turn: Practices for an ‘Exploded ‘Art History without Borders,” Co-Convener with Aruna D’Souza, Clark Art Institute International Conference, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, November 2011.


Sessions Organized

“Life’s Edge: A Thinking-Feeling Lab in the Risks, Powers, and Possibilities of Forms-of-Life,” cochair with José Esteban Muñoz, sponsored by Visual Culture Caucus, College Art Association Conference, February 2013.


Invited Public Conversations with Artists

“Conversation One—fierce pussy,” Conversation with members of the queer feminist art collective fierce pussy: Nancy Brooks Brody, Joy Episalla, Zoe Leonard and Carrie Yamaoka, Beeler Gallery, Columbus College of Art and Design, February 2018.


“The Wandering Lake, 2009-2017: Conversation with Patty Chang,” Queens Museum, New York, October 2017.


“Re: Sampling/Remix and Appropriation in Music and Art, a conversation with Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky and Nayda Collazo-Llorens,” Grand Valley State University, April 2016.